Foghlaim Python

Just my way of learning

Foghlaim is Irish (Gaelige) for Learning. So the site is Learning Python. Since December 2016 I have learning Python. So as a way to document my learning, I have created this site. It will have links to the various tutorials I have done. Any twists, changes, enhancements, branch, fork, spoon, knife, swivel, or pile of garbage I do as an offshoot.

So expect…

  • Copies of a tutorial, with a link back to it.
  • A bad coding… because I am doing this for fun, not as a profession.
  • Hardcoding something that should have been dynamic… why, because you just read it on the line above.
  • Odd changes to try and learn… with luck, not to distracting.
  • Absolutely no direction what-so-ever to what I will do.
  • No timeline on when anything will get complete… Because I don’t have plan and that lack of plan includes a lack of timeline.
  • Periodically I will throw in Irish (Gaelige) words just to make it entertaining to myself (I have been learning Irish).
  • And… I may not follow any of the guidelines above.